“We live in a digital age…” is a phrase I’m sure we have all heard a handful of times. It’s true but we also live in a day and age where Jesus is very much alive. That statement feels a little dramatic but it’s true. These last couple months God has reminded me that our hearts matter more than the strategy.

In my last post from about a month ago I talked about my struggle with social media and how I ultimately decided to take a break from it and take time to get my heart right. I stayed off Instagram for 21 days and began taking a course called Instagram with Intention created by Hilary Rushford. One of the very first things she stated that struck me was, “It’s not about us, it’s about them.” She began to elaborate about how the content we create should either inspire, encourage, or educate our community. This shifted my perspective on social media. In the midst of starting Ladoru and seeing sales decline as the initial buzz slowed down, I was heavily relying on Instagram for sales and by doing that every post began to be a sales pitch. I wasn’t sharing the heart,inspiration or things I was learning–which led the joy to be sucked out of the process and from that began my struggle with social media.

But once I finished two thirds of her course I began to create content again. This time before I sat down at my computer I prayed and worshipped. (Lately, my favorite video to YouTube right now is Surrounded by UPPERROOM.) I asked God, “What do you want me to say? Give me the words, God. What do you want to say, God?”

These were the next 15 posts I created:

012819 Instagram Feed 15 Posts Screenshot | Brooklyn, NY

012819 Instagram Feed 15 Posts Screenshot | Brooklyn, NY

The following week, each time I posted I felt confident in the content I was sharing because I knew it was Holy Spirit filled. Seeing that a post didn’t get as much engagement or likes did not make me waiver or think that what I created was dumb because I knew that someone out there needed to see that, on that day, at that specific time. I was so deeply reminded that it’s not about how many likes you get, but it is about the one.

Social media is like money. Money is a tool that we have witnessed to be used for the good or the bad. Social media is a tool that can be used for the good or for the bad. I’m learning to be intentional about what I post on both my personal and Ladoru’s account.

So if you’re starting a business or blog and are feeling overwhelmed or discouraged about your social media strategy I have three pieces of advice:

1. Check your heart!

Is there something in your heart that is seeking validation from the number of likes, followers that you have on Instagram? If so take time to remember who God has said you are. Take time to know your identity in Him. Don’t know where to start? Try reading this book, Heart Made Whole by Christa Black Gifford.

2. Ask God.

Pray about it. Ask God what He says. Partner with Him. When you do that, you will be unshakeable and you won’t second guess the very thing you’ve created together.

3. Don’t stress! Remember Heart > Strategy.

We might not have the strategy but we have the heart! That’s what matters and the rest will follow!

This has been proven true in so many ways and I’ll be writing another post about that soon! To be candid, probably only after two weeks of approaching creating content in this manner, I found myself in another place freaking out over social media haha. I share that, because YES, every day I have to verbally remind myself that it’s HEART > STRATEGY.

I hope you’re encouraged by this post and that you remember that we serve a BIG God and He knows your desires and He has placed these BIG dreams on your heart for a reason. Don’t be discouraged but take courage and trust that He will provide every single step of the way.



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