2018: YEAR IN REVIEW | 12.30.18 | BROOKLYN


Last year when I wrote my 2018 New Years Resolutions I took a different approach. Instead of writing resolutions I decided to write a list of things I wanted to become.

I wanted to become a joy bomb, a woman of her word, an encourager, a strong warrior, an apprentice, and an inspired worker. I’ll elaborate more below on how I fulfilled/not fulfilled these goals. (You can also find my 2018 Goals here.)

But before you read any further I wanted to share the word ‘Alignment’ was my word for 2018. I entered the new year with this overall thought, “From my head to my heart through my hands...May everything I do bring glory to His name.” As well as the words abundance, breakthrough, and new beginnings were hanging on my wall and fridge.

Here’s how I completed these goals in italics.


  • Ladoru Online Shop

    • On September 24th I officially launched ladoru.com !!!!

  • Collaborate with Photographers to create custom merchandise

    • I collaborated with Louisa Wells on a photoshoot and those prints are being sold over at IridescentWomen.com

    • I also had the honor to create the invitations for Liberty Church’s Sisterhood invites and there was even a photo backdrop that had my doodles on and special painted sunnies with my signature eyelashes on them to transform every woman at the event into a work of art! See some photos from the event here.

  • Giveaway more free art 

    • Donated 25 art pieces and prints to a non-profit organization that helps women transform their lives.


  • Show up to every engagement I signed up to be at (and be on time!)

    • Still need to work on my tardiness!

  • Spend time in the Word

    • Not perfect, but Quiet Time has been more consistent than ever!

  • Do what I say when I say I’m going to do it

    • Until these last few weeks I felt like I showed up when I said I would…


  • Volunteer and serve younger generations

    • Found Free Arts NYC and had the privilege of mentoring an amazing high school student who is getting ready for college.

  • Explore different media and platforms to help others find their own creative, unique outlet to worship Jesus

    • At this year’s She Is Free Conference I was asked to take part in a panel titled, “Connecting Heaven’s Heart to Humanity” which focused on faith in the workplace. It was an amazing opportunity to talk about what I do and why.

    • I also had the honor of sharing my story on a Podcast with Iridescent. You can take a listen here.


  • Work out Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays

    • I joined a gym at the end of July and got a personal trainer for once a week. Feeling stronger and still working on this one.

  • Stretch daily to worship music - be in tune with my body

    • Did this for a couple months in the new year. Was a great way to get the day started. Need to bring this back!

  • Eat healthier - If you buy lunch must be a salad or 80% veggies.

    • Ha! I didn’t follow through with this one until this last month. Aiming to have more leafy greens, berries and citrus included in my diet.


  • Learn how to mix business and faith - pray for a mentor who is an example of a God fearing woman, who is wildly living her dreams in business, family, and life.

    • I kicked off the new year by participating in Horacio Printing’s Business Coaching course which helped me develop my ideas and plans for Ladoru.

    • I also took a surprise trip to Dallas with an amazing couple, who are examples of this kind of leadership I aspire to have. It was for a fashion event and I learned a ton about work, relationships and life!

  • Learn how to love like Jesus. Start every day with 15 min Quiet Time and Jesus Dates every Friday at new Bagel Spot.

    • I chose to have a year of intentionally not dating men and instead I had Jesus Dates almost every Friday (or Saturday) of the month. I found my favorite bagel place which is Bagel Hole in Parkslope, Brooklyn. I also had major revelations on how to love like Jesus and and how to be a receiver of that kind of love. I learned what characteristics and passions to seek in my future husband. I also had breakthrough on what romance looks like to God. You can read about it here.


  • Attend a women's event each month

    • Probably attended two total.

  • Attend a networking event/seminar each month

    • This kind of sounds like the thing above, so I’ll just say two events again haha.

  • Take one new course this year (Sewing, Textile design, or screen printing)

    • Didn’t take a class, but I dabbled in embroidery and painting on leather and clothing.

    • I participated in Liberty Church’s Leadership program called, Equip.

  • Travel: London, Paris, Berlin? Italy??

    • I went to Spain and had the best experience!!! I was completely inspired and most of the designs for Ladoru’s first collection were birthed right after this trip. You can read more about my heart for this trip here, here and here!

    • February of this year, a seed was planted about moving to London. I don’t have any plans yet other than I know it’ll possibly happen in September and for a few months at first but then for a year to 3 years after? Not sure…All I’m certain of is that God’s called me there and this is another vessel for God to fill and be a miracle/testimony of His goodness.


Looking back at this year and I’m in awe. I loved being able to write down the different ways I completed these goals. It was so fun to see the very things I hoped for at the end of 2017 to be fulfilled. Yes, there are still a few to work on from the list., but wow, this year has honestly been the best year yet. There was more joy than sorrow and each time I found myself in a sad, lonely, or difficult place it never seemed to last long. I turned to God and fell on my knees quicker and quicker and invited His sweet presence into the situation as my first reaction. This year’s successes are not only attributed to this last year but my whole life – especially these last three years.

As I mentioned above, I volunteered as a mentor for an art program, and a few weeks ago we had our closing out ceremony where every mentee and mentor shared about their experiences. There was one girl who spoke and it hit me in another way and made my eyes water. She said something along the lines of, “I was depressed and lonely before this program. All I would do was go to school and come home and go to sleep. Go to school, go home and sleep.” She was talking about how before this program her life was dull and she had no ambitions and no confidence. She’s now the president of her UNICEF club at school and is active in different programs and starting her own projects, while also applying to several colleges. Her life was transformed. It hit me in another way because I used to be like that girl. At first sad and depressed - I’d go to work, go home, go to sleep, and repeat. Always searching for that bigger purpose and validation. But like when she started the program it reminded me of this day, January 4, 2016 when I walked into Liberty Church Brooklyn’s service. It was that day I recommitted my life to Jesus and understood what it meant to follow Him. In three years my life completely transformed.

I’m no longer that depressed, lonely girl but the woman Gold has called me to be is awakened. I’m confident in who He’s created me to be and confident in the places He has called me. The things that were accomplished this year feel like the very things I’ve prayed for all my life. That trip to Spain where friendships meant something new and beautiful, and I got to be a freaking cheetah girl dancing around Barcelona! Starting Ladoru.com and becoming an entrepreneur/fashion designer! I remember the nights as a little girl just dreaming and dreaming of living in the big city and presenting at NYFW. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m so happy to say I’m one step closer. These are just a couple things that have come to fruition and I can’t get over the transformation that has taken place over my life in the last 3 years. God is real and He is good and He will continue to be good. He knows the very things in our hearts and He takes delight in making them a reality. He is for YOU.

To be completely honest, before I wrote this post and took time to reflect on all that happened in 2018, I was feeling anxious for what to expect in 2019. I felt I was lacking vision and direction. Now that the business has started, I have yet to create new goals for this coming year. I’m hoping for a romantic relationship but also hoping to be an example that being single is a beautiful and joyful season. But after seeing all that God orchestrated this year and what it takes from me to make these things happen, faith and obedience – I know He’s got me. It’s wild to know that this is only the beginning…

Tomorrow I’ll take time to write out my hopes for 2019 and use the same approach I did last year and write out WHO I want to become.

I challenge you as you gear up for 2019 to ask God, “who do you say that I am?” Then ask yourself “who do I want to become?” Then from there write out those words, declare those over not just the year ahead but for your life, then write real tasks that can help you achieve who you want to be. Write and speak yourself into existence.



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