The Iridescent Podcast: Becoming a #Bosslady

October 29, 2018 I was featured on the Iridescent Podcast

Starting something new is never easy. And starting a business is a whole other story...But it’s my hope that you’ll be encouraged by my story and the journey it took to get to the place of launching my clothing line, @Ladoru. Take a listen to this Podcast by @iridescentwomen where we talk about Becoming a #Bosslady!

Thank you to Iridescent Team for creating such a beautiful platform for women to share their voice. Thank you for creating space for me to share my story 💕 Visit for more!

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About the podcast,

In this episode, you’ll meet Leanne Aranador, an artist and designer creating wearable art for her new clothing brand, Ladoru. We’ll discuss the ups and downs of creating your own business, the importance of vulnerability, and how to pursue dreams during times of hardship.

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